• Tungsten Carbide Auger Tips In Excavators

Tungsten Carbide Auger Tips In Excavators

First of all. what is HPGR? HPGR so-called High-Pressure Grinding roll. there is a small gap between the two grinding rollers. reduce particles by compressing and crushing the feed.

Most HPGR is used in the minerals industry. there are a few well-known brands such as the German brand ThyssenKrupp.  American brand Metso, as well as Finnish brand.

Here we are focusing on tungsten carbide stud for HPGR crusher. We all know that there is a small gap between the two rollers of the HPGR crusher. those two rollers roll in opposite directions, thereby compressing and crushing the feed passing through the gap. The part that is in direct crush with the feed is the tungsten carbide stud and tungsten carbide block on the edge produced by TUNGSTEN MAN. tungsten carbide is an economical hard metal and wear-resistant material. The hardness can be HRA 88.6, and the TRS can be 3000 Mpa. Therefore, tungsten carbide stud is the most suitable material for HPGR crusher, tungsten carbide stud can provide long working life and economical.

The composition of tungsten carbide stud for HPGR,

There are 4 different tungsten carbide grades for stud for HPGR. As we know HPGR crushers will be dealing with different feed-in minerals industries. the hardness of the feed will be different too. the composition of tungsten carbide is mainly cobalt and tungsten,  Performance of tungsten carbide studs is different in the market. TUNGSTEN MAN, we based on years of experience and advice, feedback from ThyssenKrupp. We have developed 4 types of tungsten carbide HPGR studs. Each grade can meet the request from our customer:

Size Of Tungsten Carbide Stud For HPGR

The size of tungsten carbide studs is customized according to the HPGR crusher manufacturer. Our molds are available in the following sizes:

Customizable sizes are available too.

The dimensional tolerances can be customized according to customer requirements, up to ±0.001mm. The dimensional accuracy of tungsten carbide studs will make it easier for you to install the studs on the rollers. The high-precision installation will make all the studs on the roller evenly stressed so that the tungsten carbide stud work-life is longer. Reduce the number of stud replacements.

At present, we have cooperated with many manufacturers of HPGR crushers, and we have provided tungsten carbide stud PHGR to customers. Manufacturers of HPGR crushers purchase a large amount of tungsten carbide studs, so they can get more favorable prices. There is no doubt about this. But if you have purchased one or several HPGR crushers, and have been involved in a long-term business, Now need tungsten carbide studs replacement on the roller, you are to contact us.

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Tungsten Carbide Auger Tips In Excavators

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