• Tungsten Flipping WeightsTfw018

Tungsten Flipping Weight 1/8 oz Black Colore For Wholesale 

Get the perfect drop, nail your target and make those all-important flips with the Tungsten Flipping Weight. Made of robust, long-lasting tungsten alloy that's denser than lead, these weights provide fast action in a slim profile that casts better than any other weight you can find. The grooved design plus the super slick finish let you maximize your distance, accuracy and strikes


- Lightweight 40% denser than lead

- Grooved design maximizes performance and accuracy

- Super Slip Finish for effortless treble hook penetration 

- Protects braided line – No burrs or line fray


- Faster drop lets you hit targets first - before other anglers. 

- Reach far casting distances with improved accuracy due to the grooved design 

- Get solid hookups on each flip, as treble hooks penetrate effortlessly because of the slick Tungsten alloy

Material: 95% tungsten


Weight :1/16 oz,1/8 oz,3/16 oz,1/4 oz ,5/16 oz ,3/8 oz,1/2 oz,5/8 oz,3/4 oz,1 oz

Colour: black, Matt black, Green pumpkin, Blood red, June bug, Watermelon seed, Watermelon red, Sapphire Pumpkin, Black Neon (customizable )

Package: Customizable.
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 pieces 


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Tungsten Flipping WeightsTfw018

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