• Tungsten Pagoda Nail SinkerTpns

100% Tungsten Nail Pagoda Fishing Sinker Small Thin Worm Weights Sinkers Insert Into Soft Plastic Lures

1. 97% Tungsten content, 18kg/m3 high specific gravity

2. Fray Free, Insert Free

3. Smooth Rounded Edges - Tournament Grade

4. Size: 1/32 oz 3/64 oz 1/16 oz 5/64 oz 3/32 oz  7/64 oz

6. Packaging: Plastic bag

 Tungsten nail sinkers are perfect for any type of Texas or Carolina rig application. Tungsten nail sinkers are great for punching through heavy cover and are available in both natural and black colours

In the world of Tungsten fishing sinkers, there are a few key things to keep in mind. For one, the heavier the sinker, the better. This is because sinking power is directly related to weight. Secondly, the type of bait that you are using will play a role in the type of sinker you choose. For example, a big, bulky bait will require a heavy sinker to hold it down, while a small, spinner bait will require a lighter sinker. Finally, the shape of the sinker is also important. For example, a round sinker will sink faster than a square or hexagonal one.

how to use tungsten nail weights

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Tungsten Pagoda Nail SinkerTpns

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