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Tungsten Super Shot Where To Buy

What is TSS?

Tungsten Super Shots, or TSS, are shotgun shells made with tungsten alloy as the base material for its shot. While other standard loads use lead pellets, TSS uses tungsten which is denser and more thermally stable than lead. This results in better ballistics that have tighter patterns and greatly reduced drop compared to the same size load using standard lead pellets.

How Do You Choose the Right TSS Loads?

When selecting the right load, choose one that fits your application. Different sizes of TSS are available depending on the intended use. The most common sizes used in shooting sports are #6, #7 and #9 while #5 and #8 have recently become popular. Choose a higher number for more dense patterns at close range or a lower number for a wider spread and maximum penetration. If you’re having difficulty finding what you need, it’s always best to consult an expert gunsmith for guidance on the best TSS load for your application.

If you're hunting, the velocity of the TSS round should be between 1,050 to 1,500 fps, while balancing chamber pressures at roughly 10,500-14,000 psi. During development and testing in the lab, a series of 10 shotshells are fired with a piezoelectric gauge measuring chamber pressures and velocities. Shotshells are also patterned on a bench at various distances using different shotgun and choke combinations to ensure it meet desired performance standards. Lastly, shotshells are then tested in an FBI-grade ballistics gel block to measure wound size and penetration. For optimal performance in cold environments or for long beard turkeys that don't require as much velocity attainment for leading targets as mallard ducks do, hotter or cooler burning powders may need to be used accordingly. Additionally, if the temperature drops to extreme levels overnight for where hunters will be shooting their TSS loads, bringing them into warmer conditions can help protect performance from dropping off suddenly.

Before any new shotshell is publically released, it undergoes rigorous testing and evaluation to make sure it delivers the desired performance. This includes measuring chamber pressures using a piezoelectric gauge to ensure they adhere to SAAMI standards and velocity falls within a safe range. Moreover, shells are patterned using a variety of shotgun and choke combinations with the goal of producing droplets no greater than 10% every 10 yards at distances between 40-70 yards. Additionally, FBI-grade ballistics gel blocks are used to gauge wound channel size and penetration relative to their tested velocity. If it meets all these requirements, select hunters will take them out into the field for in-the-field tests in various extreme climates before hitting store shelves. Finally, if you do choose to hunt in cold conditions, be sure to store your TSS rounds inside for optimal performance.

Creating a viable shotshell requires thorough testing and balancing of propellent combustion rates, chamber pressures, ignition temperatures, hull and base wad design, and other factors. All testers typically follow the same design but ignite a flame at varied temperatures based on the payload weight for optimal performance in varying conditions. TSS loads must achieve velocities of between 1,050 to 1,500 fps while also balancing chamber pressures of roughly 10,500 to 14,000 psi for a safe and effective round. An independent third-party evaluator is used to measure chamber pressures and velocities to ensure consistency and safety. The shotshell is then patterned from a bench at various distances with different shotgun combinations. Patterns must be uniform in dispersal with no more than a 10 per cent drop every 10 yards from 40 to 70 yards. Finally, penetration tests are conducted using an FBI-grade ballistics gel block to replicate tissue damage in animals

Where to Find Tungsten Super Shot at an Affordable Price

Looking for the best place to buy Tungsten Super Shot ammo? Look no further! Here we provide tips and resources on where to purchase this quality ammunition at competitive prices so you can take your shooting game to the next level.

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Where to Find Tungsten Super Shot at an Affordable Price

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