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Are you looking for the highest-quality carbide blanks on the market? Look no further than TUNGSTEN MAN's STB carbide blanks. As a premier tungsten carbide manufacturer, TUNGSTEN MAN is committed to delivering exceptional products that meet the demands of your industry.

STB carbide blanks offer many advantages that set them apart from other options. Exceptional hardness, superior strength, and outstanding wear resistance are just a few of the benefits you can expect. When it comes to precision machining, these carbide blanks excel in providing unmatched performance and reliability.

TUNGSTEN MAN's STB carbide blanks also bring versatility to the table. With various sizes and shapes available, they can be tailored to suit your specific needs and applications. Whether you require solid carbide round blanks or custom shapes, TUNGSTEN MAN has you covered.

Investing in STB carbide blanks from TUNGSTEN MAN means investing in the future of your business. Join countless satisfied customers who have experienced the advantages of these top-of-the-line products. Contact TUNGSTEN MAN today to learn more about how their STB carbide blanks can elevate your operations to new heights.

What are STB carbide blanks?

STB carbide blanks are precision-engineered components made from tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is a compound formed by combining tungsten and carbon atoms, resulting in a tough material with exceptional wear resistance. These carbide blanks are typically used in manufacturing for various applications such as tooling, machining, and wear parts.

The STB in STB carbide blanks stands for Straight Grade with a Tungsten Carbide Binder. This grade offers a balance of hardness and toughness, making it ideal for a wide range of manufacturing processes. Whether you need to drill, cut, mill, or shape materials, STB carbide blanks provide the strength and durability required for precision machining.

The Grade of STB Carbide Blanks?

The grade of tungsten carbide in STB carbide blanks can vary depending on the manufacturer or the specific application the blank is intended for. The grade refers to the specific properties of the tungsten carbide, which include hardness, toughness, resistance to wear, and heat tolerance. These are mostly determined by the ratio of tungsten carbide to the binder material (usually cobalt), as well as any additional materials added to enhance certain characteristics.

For instance, some high-wear applications may use a high-grade tungsten carbide with a high percentage of tungsten and lower amounts of binder to improve hardness and resistance to wear. On the other hand, applications that require higher toughness might use a lower-grade tungsten carbide with a higher percentage of binder, resulting in a material that's less hard but more ductile.

K20: A medium grain tungsten carbide grade with 14.6-15.0 g/cm3 density, 90-90.5 HRA hardness, and 2200-2400 N/mm3 rupture strength. It’s typically used for rough machining of iron, solid wood, dry wood, non-ferrous metal, ceramic and other alloys thanks to its high hardness.

K30: A fine grain grade with 14.6-15.0 g/cm3 density, 91-91.5 HRA hardness, and 2600-2800 N/mm3 rupture strength. Given its high toughness, it is used to machine rosewood and other woods with a lot of stammers.

K10: This ultrafine grain grade has 14.6-15.0 g/cm3 density, 92.5-93 HRA hardness, and 1800-2000 N/mm3 rupture strength. It is suitable for the finish machining of various materials and semi-finishing of hardwoods.

K40: This coarse grain grade has 13.8-14.2 g/cm3 density, 87.5-88 HRA hardness, and 2800-3000 N/mm3 rupture strength. This grade has a high toughness that makes it fit for finger jointing tools.

K10: A fine grain variant of K10 with 14.5 g/cm3 density, 91 HRA hardness, and 3000-3200 N/mm3 rupture strength. It has good welding performance and wear resistance which makes it useful for various applications.

YN15: A medium grain, cobalt-free, and non-magnetic grade with 13.7-14 g/cm3 density, 85-86 HRA hardness, and 1700-1900 N/mm3 rupture strength. It is mainly used for stamping moulds and ceramic dies of electronic components.

Where to buy high-quality STB carbide blanks

TUNGSTEN MAN is a trusted and reputable manufacturer of high-quality STB carbide blanks. With years of experience in the industry, they have established themselves as a leader in tungsten carbide manufacturing. TUNGSTEN MAN offers a wide range of STB carbide blanks, ensuring you can find the right solution for your specific needs. Contact TUNGSTEN MAN today to learn more about their products and how they can elevate your manufacturing operations to new heights.

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