What are Tungsten Carbide Balls?

tungsten carbide balls

Understanding the Benefits of Tungsten Carbide Balls By TUNGSTEN MAN

Discover the fantastic benefits of Tungsten Carbide Balls with this helpful guide from TUNGSTEN MAN. 

If you are searching for a durable, reliable, and long-lasting material for your next project or application, look no further than Tungsten Carbide Balls. This material is tough enough to stand up to even the harshest conditions, making it an excellent choice for some of the most demanding applications. Learn more about the benefits of Tungsten Carbide Balls from this helpful guide from TUNGSTEN MAN.

What are Tungsten Carbide Balls?

Tungsten Carbide Balls are spheres made from a hard and wear-resistant material called tungsten carbide. This material composition is four times harder than individual tungsten or carbon, making it the perfect choice for high-performance applications that demand superior strength and durability. Its ability to resist wear and pressure makes it an ideal choice in many industries, including medical, automotive, manufacturing, electronics, and more.

What is a tungsten carbide ball used for?

Tungsten carbide balls are used in myriad industries, from aerospace and medical to oil and gas. Aerospace engineers rely on them for the production of precision-crafted landing gear components, medical professionals use them for high-frequency medical equipment, oil and gas workers employ them to keep drilling components operating smoothly, and food manufacturers use tungsten carbide balls to create durable tools for processing food.

Tolerance of tungsten carbide balls

Grade Sphericity (inches) Sphericity (mm) G3 0.000003" 0.0000762mm G5 0.000005" 0.000127mm G10 0.000010" 0.000254mm G25 0.000025" 0.000635mm G50 0.000050" 0.00127mm G100 0.0001" 0.00254mm G200 0.0002" 0.00508mm G500 0.0005" 0.0127mm G1000 0.001" 0.0254mm

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Tungsten Carbide Balls

Tungsten Carbide Balls

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