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Tungsten Carbide Plunger For High-Pressure Pump 

What is a Tungsten Carbide plunger?

A tungsten carbide plunger is an alloy material made from a hard compound of refractory metal (tungsten) and a bonding metal (cobalt) through a powder metallurgical process.

Tungsten carbide plunger has a series of excellent properties such as high hardness, wear resistance, better strength and toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance,

Tungsten Carbide Plunger is used for high-pressure pumps because tungsten carbide materials provide the best wear-resistant ability. tungsten carbide plungers can be used in high-temperature applications, up to 500°F and up to 10,0000psi.

TUNGSTEN MAN is a manufacturer of Tungsten carbide plungers located in Zhuzhou, Hunan, China. The main features of TUNGSTEN MAN's Tungsten carbide plunger are stable mechanical properties, high wear resistance and high impact resistance.

In order for our customers to know more about the tungsten carbide plunger produced by TUNGSTEN MAN, we will introduce our understanding of the Tungsten carbide plunger from the following :

The tungsten carbide grade of the tungsten carbide plunger.

there are three grades for tungsten carbide plungers YG8 or YG15 Or YN.

Most tungsten carbide plungers are needs very good at wear resistance when the plungers work on the pump. depends on TUNGSTEN MAN suggesting tungsten carbide YG8X which 8% of cobalt as a binder and 92% of tungsten will normally suit the application, 5000 psi to 40000psi. another YG15X of tungsten carbide grade is for higher pressure up to 100000. Map.YN grade is for special applications when no magnet is requested. all YN tungsten carbides are no-magnet. this grade is perfect for a no-magnet tungsten carbide plunger 

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Tungsten Carbide Plungers For High-Pressure Pump

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