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Tungsten Carbide EDM Blocks (4.125" x 4.125") – Corrosion-Resistant Grade

Find the perfect 4.125" x 4.125" Tungsten Carbide EDM Blocks in TUNGSTEN MAN! Grade TM001 material offers superior corrosion resistance, strength, & durability.

Looking for a reliable and durable EDM block material? Look no further than 4.125" x 4.125" Tungsten Carbide EDM blocks from TUNGSTEN MAN! Its Grade TM001 offers superior corrosion resistance, strength and durability for your project needs.

What are the different grades of Tungsten carbide EDM blocks?

The different grades of Tungsten carbide EDM blocks include Grade TM001, Grade TM002, Grade TM003 and Grade TM004. Each grade offers different levels of corrosion resistance, strength, wear resistance and machinability to suit diverse EDM applications. Grade TM001 is the highest grade available which provides superior longevity and performance.

What types of EDM blocks Tungsten Man has? 

Tungsten Man offers a wide selection of EDM blocks, ranging from the standard-grade TM000 and the premium-grade TM001 to the corrosion-resistant grade TM002. All of them are available in various sizes, from 2" x 2" to 4.125" x 4.125", making it easy for you to find the perfect size for your needs. With great hardness and wear resistance properties, Tungsten Man's EDM blocks guarantee superior performance and result from every time.

How do Tungsten carbide EDM blocks compare to steel EDM blocks? 

Steel EDM blocks are more economical than Tungsten carbide EDM blocks, but they come with a shorter lifespan. While steel blocks can be used for applications such as drilling and milling, tungsten carbide blocks offer superior corrosion resistance and strength when used in Automated Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) applications. In comparison to steel EDM blocks, tungsten carbide EDM blocks last much longer due to their high wear resistance and are able to precision machine complex contours quickly and accurately.

What applications are Tungsten carbide EDM blocks suitable for?

Tungsten carbide EDM blocks are designed to deliver exceptional performance in a wide range of EDM applications. Grade TM001 offers superior strength, durability and corrosion resistance making it suitable for use in all industries including aerospace, defence, manufacturing, automotive, industrial and medical. With its superior wear resistance, Grade TM001 is perfect for hard-duty operations or high-volume production runs.

Why should I choose a TM001 grade for my EDM block application?

Grade TM001 is an excellent choice for your EDM application due to its superior corrosion resistance, strength and durability. It's designed to reduce tool wear and extend the life of your EDM block, as well as resist damage when used in heavy-duty operations or high-volume production runs. Not only does it provide superior performance and longevity, but TM001 is also one of the most cost-effective EDM block materials available

TUNGSTEN MAN Carbide EDM Block Features:

  • 100% virgin tungsten carbide materials
  • Unground and ground are both available
  • Varied sizes and grades
  • Excellent wear resistance & durability
  • Customization services
  • Competitive prices

For further information (MOQ, price, delivery, etc), please request a quote or send an email to:[email protected]. Our sales team and engineers are ready to offer their expertise

4.125" x 4.125" Tungsten Carbide EDM blocks Corrosion-Resistant Grade

  • Brand: Tungsten Man
  • Product Code: TCEB002
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