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Tungsten Carbide Serrated Inserts For Rock Drilling--TUNGSTEN MAN

The Grade Tungsten Carbide Serrated Inserts:

Tungsten carbide serrated insert is one of the kinds of oil & gas drilling bits. the grade we recommend is YG11C, the technical specification is as follows:

Density (g/cc) 
TRS (N/mm3)
Recommendation Application 

Coarse grade, used for inserts for bits

drilling in medium hard

to hard rock formations

The Raw Materials For Tungsten Carbide Serrated Inserts:

the key to the best quality of Tungsten Carbide Serrated Inserts for drill bits is raw materials, the main materials are tungsten and cobalt. in the TUNGSTEN MAN system, we separate tungsten carbide grades with different compositions of tungsten and cobalt.

Tungsten powder (WC): According to the data released by the United States Geological Survey (USGS), as of 2018, the proven reserves of tungsten resources in the world were 3.3 million tons, of which China’s reserves were as high as 1.9 million tons, accounting for about 58% of the global reserves. We choose the best quality tungsten powder supplier from Guangzhou, China. tungsten metal point 3000 degrees. tungsten is the hardest metal in the world. that is why the quality of tungsten will affect the hardness of tungsten carbide buttons.

Cobalt powder (Co): cobalt powder is used as brander in tungsten carbide. the quality of cobalt powder will affect the strength of Tungsten Carbide Serrated Inserts.

The Shape Of Tungsten Carbide Serrated Inserts:

For easy install Tungsten Carbide Serrated Inserts when producing rock drill bits, we have designed 2 different shapes of Tungsten Carbide Serrated Inserts. clients are able to choose the best shape depending on the rock drill bits. the shape can be customizable.

D1 (mm)D2 (mm)H (mm)

TUNGSTEN MAN is the leading manufacturer of Tungsten Carbide Serrated Inserts in Zhuzhou, China. tungsten carbide from TUNGSTEN MAN Is selling all around the world. there are rock drill bits manufacturers. they buy from us directly. they provide the drawing of their design of buttons. we suggest a suitable tungsten carbide grade for them. Also, there are some trader companies corporate with us. short delivery time, quality guarantee and payment items support are the best in the market. your inquiry about Tungsten Carbide Serrated Inserts will be highly appreciated. 

For further information (MOQ, price, delivery, etc), please request a quote or send us an email at [email protected]. Our sales team and engineers are ready to offer their expertise

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