• Tungsten Carbide Needle Holder Tips L=20mm

Tungsten Carbide Needle Holder Tips L=20mm

What is the most important part of the surgical needle holder? The rachet is locked to the instrument at the user's end. The surgeon can hold it with his thumb and middle finger and support it with his index finger. One end with serrations and sturdy blades is the operating end of the instrument.

The tungsten carbide needle holder tips have different sizes of tips.

the most popular size is 15mm and 17mm, and some are 20mm.

The most important thing is the accuracy of the teeth on the sequin tungsten carbide tips, which require them to bite together tightly. This is the key to the qualification of absolute tips. We have been producing high-precision tips.

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Tungsten Carbide Needle Holder Tips L=20mm

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