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Why do Buyers Prefer High-Quality Carbide Blocks?

Get the most out of your Stamping process with high-quality carbide blocks! Discover why TUNGSTEN MAN's carbide blocks are so popular among buyers and learn how they can benefit you.

If you're looking for high-quality material that can stand up to the toughest stamping processes, then look no further than TUNGSTEN MAN's carbide blocks. Find out what makes these blocks so popular with buyers and how they could benefit you.

What Are Carbide Blocks?

Carbide blocks are highly durable precision cutting tools made from a combination of tungsten, cobalt and other metals. Generally, they are made with extreme accuracy and have a long tool life expectancy, which makes them ideal for stamping processes such as forming or tracing complex part shapes in deep draws or other materials. The high-quality design makes them suitable for use on many different metals without ending up with a damaged or rough product when compared to standard steel tools.

What is CD650 material?

CD650 is the designation assigned to TUNGSTEN MAN's patented carbide blocks, which are constructed with a top-tier proprietary blend of cobalt, tungsten and stainless steel. This blend results in an exceptionally well-crafted cut that can handle high-pressure exterior impacts without causing any damage or dulling. As a result, buyers can be sure to get the same long tool life expectancies they want from their stamps while also enjoying reliable cuts each time they use it.

What is the price of the carbide block?

The price of the carbide block depends on the grade and size of the block. Generally, lower grades are more budget-friendly while higher grades are more expensive. TUNGSTEN MAN's carbide blocks come in a wide variety of sizes and grades, which allow buyers to get the exact block they need for their business needs at a price that works for them.

Learn About the Different Types of Carbide Blocks Available 

There are several types of carbide blocks available that offer different benefits. Solid tungsten carbide blocks provide superior strength, wear resistance, stability, and outstanding metal stamping performance. Meanwhile, sintered blocks are made of metal powders with a high concentration of tungsten carbide particles and provide higher dimensional accuracy than solid blocks do while also offering excellent durability. CVD scrubbing blocks are ideal for smaller parts because they hold tight tolerances and offer long-lasting machinability.

Make the Most of TUNGSTEN MAN's Customer Service and Support Services

EDM blocks are the perfect solution for medium-impact lead-frame and connector stamping needs. EDM Blocks are comprised of a durable 85% tungsten and 15% cobalt binder blend that results in an incredibly strong submicron grain structure. This combination provides exceptional wear protection and strength, making it ideal for all medium-impact applications. With a precision finish, outstanding life expectancy and easy machineability, EDM Blocks is the perfect upgrade to your lead-frame and connector stamping needs. 


- 85% tungsten/15% cobalt binder blend

- Submicron grain structure

- Wear-resistant material

- Excellent strength 


- Ideal for medium-impact applications! 

- Easy machinability ensures flawless results. 

-Longer tool life with superior wear resistance. 

- Precision finish delivers detailed parts every time!

TUNGSTEN MAN provides outstanding customer service and support services to buyers of our carbide blocks. Our experienced team of professionals offer a free consultation before purchase, so they can recommend the right block depending on the buyer’s needs. We are dedicated to providing unprecedented technical advice, pricing options, delivery schedules, and other services to make sure customers get exactly what they need.

For further information (MOQ, price, delivery, etc), please request a quote or send an email to:[email protected]. Our sales team and engineers are ready to offer their expertise

105×105mm kennametal edm blocks

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