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105×105mm Ground Tungsten Carbide EDM blocks 

High-Quality Ground Tungsten Carbide EDM Blocks – 105×105mm

Get the best quality ground tungsten carbide EDM blocks in 105×105mm size for your projects at a more affordable cost. Brightly machined surfaces are guaranteed!

Looking for a reliable source of high-quality Ground Tungsten Carbide EDM blocks in 105×105mm size? Look no further! We provide ground tungsten carbide EDM blocks in the most competitive price range, with a guarantee of brilliantly machined surfaces.

High Hardness, Wear Resistance and Strength.

Our ground tungsten carbide EDM blocks are crafted to industry standards and made of the highest quality materials. It features improved hardness, wear resistance and strength over regular EDM blocks. Moreover, its superior dimensional stability makes it ideal for use in a wide range of industries from medical to automotive engineering.

Ground to engine block grade of tight tolerances.

Our tungsten carbide blocks are machined to industry standards and ground to an engine block grade of tight tolerances. We guarantee that each block has brightly machined surfaces, helping you produce more accurate end parts within a shorter timeframe. All blocks have a size of 105×105mm and can fit into any EDM machine. So when you need precise parts with minimal work – our ground tungsten carbide EDM blocks give you fast results at a more affordable cost!

Superior wear-resistance EDM Carbide

 Ground tungsten carbide EDM blocks are ideal for producing highly precise parts. The superior wear resistance of these blocks significantly reduces machine downtime and distortion when machining, making them the preferred choice of many professionals. The finely milled natural grain structure ensures that the parts produced have an excellent finish without being compromised on strength. With our quality assurance assured, you can be sure that each block is crafted to perfection for maximum productivity!

EDM Blocks Grade 

TUNSGEN MAN offers a wide range of EDM blocks in grades ranging from 10%Co – 12%Co, designed to meet both industrial and medical specifications. Each grade is specially designed with different properties suitable for a variety of applications. The grade 898 EDM block offers an even harder surface ideal for demanding tools such as turbines, while the 10%Co grade block is better suited for jobs requiring accuracy and finish. All our tungsten carbide EDM blocks are tested and certified to guarantee superior quality and performance every time!

Superior surface ground finishes and Low-Corrosionfor EDM use.

TUNGSTEN MAN'S tungsten carbide EDM blocks provide a superior surface finish and excellent corrosion resistance for extended use. They are precision machined to tight tolerances, resulting in an extremely uniform part with consistently accurate size and shape. The finished EDM blocks have a 91.8-88.2HRA hardness and an impressive low-corrosion feature. The blocks can be confidently used for the most demanding EDM operations across multiple industries like aerospace and automotive projects.

Details of Tungsten Carbide EDM blocks: 

1. The purity of the raw material is over 99.95%, and the impurity content is very small, so the physical properties of the board are more stable.

2. Using spray drying technology, the material is protected with high-purity nitrogen under fully sealed conditions, which effectively reduces the possibility of oxygenation during the preparation of the mixture, with better purity and less dirt.

3. Uniform board density: 300Mpa isostatic press is used for pressing, which effectively eliminates the occurrence of pressing defects, and the board blank density is more uniform.

4. The compactness of the plate is excellent, and the strength and hardness indicators are excellent: the ship's low-pressure sintering technology is used to effectively eliminate the pores inside the plate and the quality is more stable.

5. Using cryogenic treatment technology, the internal metallographic structure of the plate can be improved, the internal stress can be greatly eliminated, and the cracks in the plate cutting and forming process can be avoided.

6. TUNGSTEN MAN can produce and process various sizes and specifications of YG8 hard alloy plates and high-density hard alloy plates according to customer requirements.

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105×105mm Ground Tungsten Carbide EDM blocks

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